Learn About Guppy Fish

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Learn About Guppy Fish

The guppy fish is a type of ornamental fish that is raised in freshwater ponds. It is considered one of the most popular types of ornamental fish. It is also one of the fish that gives birth and does not lay eggs, and when the time for its birth comes, you must be fully prepared for this.

Trying to make sure that the guppy is carrying:

The guppies mature at the age of three months, but despite that, they can get pregnant very early, specifically from the first month, but there is always a difficulty in making sure that the guppies are pregnant, despite the fact that the pregnancy area then They become very dark and dark, and swell in size until they resemble a box in shape.

The pregnancy is not confirmed until its end when the eyes of her young appear, through her thin transparent belly, and also the spot of pregnancy becomes a very dark red color, and her eating habits change, as she refuses her food or spits it all, and her breathing increases, and her breathing increases, and her eating habits are changed. Note the intensity of her trembling during contractions.

Suitable aquarium for guppy fish:

The sexes must be differentiated in the aquarium, and although it is difficult to differentiate between them when they are young, it becomes very easy when they grow up, as the male is smaller than the female, and has bright and beautiful colors, and the most appropriate aquarium in which the operation is performed The hatchery is 40 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 30 cm high. It is preferable that the aquarium be made of glass and contain rubber, not hollow, glass tubes, and they are placed in a horizontal position, and there must be metal pieces separating the names And the other separates them from the mother fish.

The aquarium must be prepared by having rooms that allow air to enter in the summer, and warm and hot ones in the winter, and placing a thermometer to measure the temperature, and not having plants in the aquarium, and avoiding changing the water when the guppy fish is pregnant, so that the temperature does not change and the fish become stressed. This leads to her death.

Guppy fish after birth:

After the pregnant guppy gives birth, it must be isolated from the rest of the fish in order to regain its strength, and it must be fed well, and it may need a day or two to rest if it has given birth to many young fish, and despite the ability of young guppies to swim quickly However, they are unsafe, as they can be eaten easily, so a variety of floating plants should be placed near the birthing basin, so that it is easy for the young to disappear quickly when they sense any danger

Small fish can be fed with big fish food by grinding it and giving it to them, and it can be transferred to the breeding tank two months after their birth, and feed them from adult food without grinding, and you should avoid placing any decorations in the small fish tank until they grow u

Guppy spawni

Males and females are placed in one tank for spawning, and this is done by selecting a good female and marrying her to the male, then after the completion of birth, the young females are identified and married to the male father again, and at birth the young males are taken and married to the mother once ohter

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